The Annual Marian Festival which gathers thousands of devotees from the various local and international dioceses in honor of “Ina Poon Bato, Miraculous Lady of the Filipinos” is held every July in celebration of ACC’s founding anniversary month.

For the duration of the Novena Masses and daily prayers coincidental with the holding of the International Block Rosary Convention spearheaded by the pious Sta. Maria Virginia in 1988, at least 35 Marian titles and apparition images are put on display for public visiting at the National Shrine of Ina Poon Bato.



Señor Noemi Festival

The Annual Pasko sa Oktubre grand celebrations culminate on the 23rd of October which marks ACC’s observation of the true birth date of the Child Jesus, endeared to its global community of faithful by the name “Señor Noemi” or the “Child Emmanuel.”

The 10-day Festival, which features various images of the Child Jesus from all dioceses and parishes worldwide, includes the celebration of the Simbang Gabi capped by a joyous and colorful street dance parade, festival dances and the search for the Mutya ng Pasko.



The global ACC community comes together in prayer to welcome All Saints’ Day with a “Mañanita” for the Saints on the eve of the 1st day of November. The event is an important part of the ACC spiritual way of life -- a unique opportunity for full-fledged ACC members, young and old alike, to commune with the Angels and Saints, their Holy Seals.



The Gawad Juan Florentino is a special conferment named in honor of the Patriarch and Founding Bishop of the globally-prevalent Apostolic Catholic Church (ACC), His Holiness Juan Florentino L. Teruel, P.P., a public servant, civic leader, educator, philanthropist – a truly well-rounded religious leader. Together with the major religious orders under the ACC in the Philippines and overseas, he leads members in serving the community through apostolate and socio-civic initiatives in communion with other churches in the spirit of ecumenism.

Conferred annually in a charity held every June which coincides with Patriarch Teruel’s birthday month and Feast of Saint John the Baptist, the award recognizes institutions and individuals whose life, works, initiatives and achievements amplify Justice, Unity, Altruism and Nation-building fulfilling, in their own rights, ACC’s vision to bring about positive and transformational impacts to society through various fields. These include leadership and nation-building, public service, ecumenism, preservation of Filipino values, culture and the arts, peace and justice, academic and professional excellence as well as the “Ambassadors of Peace” hailed from among ACC’s heads of families.



The Gawad Sta. Maria Virginia, in turn, recognizes the services of the personalities from among ACC’s global community of faithful -- they who exemplify best the timeless qualities and legacies of the ACC Matriarch and Honorary Foundress, most notably her love for the Church and its mission for the people.

Conferred every December in commemoration of Sta. Maria Virginia’s birth month, this year-end event caps the ACC annual calendar and serves as the culmination of the “ACC Golden Ladies’ Circle” program of activities for the benefit of the elderly.